Sunday, January 21, 2018

Monday, April 01, 2013


He Who Knows Not, and Knows Not He Knows Not,
He Is a Fool...Help Him

He Who Knows Not and Knows He Knows Not,
He Is Simple...Teach Him

He Who Knows and Knows Not He Knows,
He Is Asleep...Wake Him

He Who Knows and Knows He Knows,
He Is Wise...Follow Him

---I discovered this Poem, as a child, while looking through a book with my mother. I remember that she liked it. You can imagine how knocked-out I was when I heard Neal Donald Walsh [spelling?] reciting it on Wisdom-TV. He mentioned how the people that caused the ''most damage'' were people who think they KNOW but DON'T.
---He also mentioned that the truly wise follow the ''Light'' within their own Self and encourages others to do the same. Nobody has a corner-on-the-market and the Kingdom of LOVE is Within us ALL. This is a FACT. It is always A FACT, whether our '''FEELINGS'' reflect this, or NOT. That is what to KNOW.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


''SUPPORT'' one another

---When we ''AFFIRM'' something, we are saying it is alright, it is okay. When we affirm someone we are also saying that the person is alright or okay. When we affirm someone and they feel it, we are actually telling them or even giving that person ''Permission'' to take his ''Next'' step.
---It is so easy to stagnate, to stay where we are without much growth in our
lives. We go through the motions of living, but don't feel very ''Alive.'' Sometimes we need help in taking that next step. Sometimes we are not even sure there is a next step to take.
---There is a light at the end of every tunnel, even if at present we can't see it. As Elizabeth Kubler-Ross [PICTURED] is accreditted for- There are 5 stages we ALL go through on the way to Accepting something. They are 1] DENIAL 2] ANGER 3] BARGAINING 4] DESPAIR and 5] ACCEPTANCE. She came upon these phases while searching for those things we have in-common when we grieve. These are the stages that bring the ''Light'' into focus.

---We ''Stagnate'' as we move along these lines. Sometimes we Deny so furtively, that we just stay ''Shallow.'' Sometimes we are just Angry, not even knowing what we are so pissed-off about, but just figure we are '''Angry'' people. In the Bargaining phase, we find ourselves even making deals with God, saying things like ''If you'll only get me through this, I'll do...[and it is usually something that we have been letting ''slide'' for awhile.]
---Despair is the last ugly step before Acceptance. It is very natural to not like this stage. We feel '' Helpless.'' We hate to feel this way. In Despair we know there is nothing we can do about our situation. We handle this the best we can. We suffer to the extent we are attached to a certain outcome. We have to let go of ALL this. We have to learn to ''Trust.'' We grieve for those parts of ''Ourselves'' that are ''Lost'' so as to make ourselves Whole again. We can than see that ''Light'' of Acceptance that has been alluding us all this time. The best way ''around'' something is to go through it.
---By ''Affirming'' each other, we allow the person to take that next step. We like to know that it is really okay to STAND where we STAND, and Affirmation brings ''OKAYNESS'' to the table. We sometimes get very scattered and are pulled in many different directions at once. Even at this spot, if we feel affimed, it gives us a place from which to take our next step. When We Are Ready. Affirm each other along the lines of the five stages above, giving others the courage to not ''Stagnate'' too long at any one spot, and watch him or her ''Walk'' into the ''Light'' of ''Acceptance or Self-Acceptance.'' Be Well.
In the video - the giraffe has to go thru the process...again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


  • An Acorn DIES To Become An Oaktree
  • A Seed DIES To Become The Plant Inside
  • Imperfect Version of the Self DIES To Become More Perfect Version of the Self
  • Learning is Like A Death. NOT Knowing Becomes Knowing
  • Fear of Death - Becomes Less Fear of Death, To NO Fear - (It is a process like any other)

Friday, January 22, 2010


---Timothy Leary's Last Trip
---In case you were wondering, I have never taken LSD. I have smoked some good pot. My own involvement with the LSD crowd was seeing, reading and listening to Ram Dass. As, Richard Alpert, he was fired w/Timothy Leary from the Harvard Psychology department. I read and saw ''Cuckoo's Nest,'' a number of times.

---The whole video lasts about 55 mins.